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Experts in Sustainable Growth



Experts in Sustainable Growth




We do everything to help your market yourselves, with power, impact and style. From researching your customers and providing you with actionable insights, to overseeing campaigns and structuring your team, resources and processes. Call us now to discuss

Marketing Strategy/Plan

Written for you - a marketing strategy aligned with your  goals. Giving you step by step plan

Brand Positioning

Research, design and write a unique brand position for you

Marketing Team Oversight

Mentor, develop, coach the team to deliver great results

About Us

Marketing | Mentoring | Results

The lifeblood of any company is growth. Growth to build a sustainable future, to generate profits to plough back into and to recognise your employees for their hard work and dedication. Often service companies, with complex or intangible services, struggle to distinguish themselves in the market and connect with customers in an optimal way which negatively affects their businesses. Which is where we come in.

Moveo is defined in the OED as "to set in motion, to disturb and excite" and that is precisely the purpose of our business. We are here to help B2B organisations, whether start-up or established, needing to step up performance, to maximise their potential.

Our specialism is accelerated growth marketing - helping you to understand the roadblocks, grasp the opportunities and help you and your team implement transformational programmes that will sustain your business for years to come.


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We offer the the strategy and plan needed to grow your business, support and personal development needed for you and your team to excel and grow, and the implementation programmes needed to realise your dreams. We can help with all three or slot into your growth planning to complement your team.


Scalable and flexible growth strategies and plans. We start by analysing your situation, give you strategic and pragmatic advice, and equip you with the tools to go to market with a bang.  


Sales process

Digital marketing

Client relationship programme

Go to market plan

Proposition development

Brand strategy

Operations plan



Access to flexible coaching support, whenever and wherever suits you. Face to face or online, we help transform your team into highly effective and inspiring leaders. Coaching covers a mix of soft and hard skills development, depending on your business development needs.

One-off sessions


Whether you need to reposition your business, change the model or transform how you go to market, Moveo can help - with facilitation, strategy, analysis and independence.

We design the business model needed to realise your goals, whether this is about change to your structure, how you deliver services or the business model needed to transform your service to a digital one.

Who is it for

Who is it for?

If a personal touch is what you value, take a closer look at us.

Terri has been assisting owners and business leaders accomplish their personal and professional goals over a fascinating career, working with talented entrepreneurs of start-ups and early stage businesses, as well as senior boardroom leaders of blue-chip brands and listed organisations.


This enables Terri to develop her own consulting model Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP) and suite of strategies and tools that move businesses and people from where they are today to a sustainable future.

Terri’s experience is drawn from multiple industries, including financial and professional services, fintech, technology, HR consulting and creative services, and aimed at:

– Founder/owner of a start-up with early-stage funding - if you need access to expertise, support, direction and growth​

– Senior leaders of established businesses - who need to take their business to the next level of impact​

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Getting Coffee

Why Us?

For Forward Thinking Companies

Services are our world – we know what it is like to run large global businesses as well as marking a mark in this world as a start-up. We believe B2B companies deserve access to the best advice and support, so make this the singular focus of Moveo.

Set in motion – all our marketing advice and support is focused on helping you create more excitement, disruption and disturbance in your chosen markets, fundamental to maximising impact.

Simplifying the complex – taking complicated services and solutions, and simplifying how they are communicated, to connect better to buyers is our core strength. Our advice helps clients create better alignment of solutions with needs.

GAP – the Growth Accelerator Programme only available from Moveo Associates. A model and a suite of marketing strategies and tools which equip you to grow fast and sustainably.

Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP)

A 12 point programme that delivers a fully integrated accelerated marketing growth plan, resulting  in increased productivity, profitability and revenue.

– Identifies and closes gaps

– Integrates strategy into business model

– Develops growth mindset, motivation and momentum

Business Model

– Systems and Processes
– Delivery and Execution
– Revenue and cost structure
– Strategy and budget

People and Resources

– Skills and Resources
– Knowledge
– Culture and Values
– Roles and Responsibilities


Growth Plan

– Customers, now and future
– Market demand and needs
– Value Proposition
– Sales and Marketing

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Our team

Founded by Terri Lucas, who brings more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing accelerated growth programmes for B2B companies. Terri is a creative and ambitious advisor, helping you to grow revenue and profitability by creating high impact brands, growth strategies and mentoring your teams to deliver and enhance their potential.


Backed by a team of associates, Terri helps leaders transform their vision, strategy, structure and business development activity to keep, grow and find more business, by putting the customer at the heart of everything. Member of the Association for Coaching.

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Clients - large and small

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"Over 15 years of partnership, Terri Lucas has been a very valuable advisor to me and our clients. Terri would often see details that others would overlook. She has led our teams to discover deeper insights and valuable ideas that drove our business to increased success for brands such as Conrad and Hilton Hotels Corporation. Her business savviness is complemented by her creative acumen, and drive for success and financial results."

Catherine Couplan, 

International communication consultant

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