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Get That Elephant Off Your Back

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Why Successful CEOs Are Hiring Fractional CMOs

CEO walking a tightrope burdened by an elephant on his back
Get that elephant off your back.

It can feel like walking a tightrope with an elephant on your back. Growing a small business, that is.

Some days one feels confident on the rope – not weighed down by an extra burden of difficulty. Steadily edging step by step toward the end of the rope, and success. Sometimes though, it feels too difficult. The body wobbles. The brain fires up. Self-doubt takes over. You feel burdened, and with that feeling comes fear. You freeze. You can’t step back. You can’t step forward. Time stops.

Yet a few moments later, your rational self is back. The elephant is gone. You know the only solution is to take the next step. You put one foot in front of the other toward your goal - growth.

Reaching Scale, Faster

Running a small business can often feel like a daily tightrope walk. You have customers to please, employees to support, problems to solve, revenue to generate. As CEO of a smaller company, you are likely an allrounder. Tackling anything and everything – until you reach the scale necessary to hire in the experts across the key functions of your organisation.

Yet there is a light at the end of the tightrope, for CEOs who need marketing skills now from some with specialist knowhow. Who maybe aren’t ready to hire full-time, yet need the results an expert marketer can bring. It is worth considering hiring a fractional CMO.

Accessing Talent Is Easier Than You Think

Access and the availability of fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) (part-time, high-level, outsourced executives) is quickly becoming the hiring trend of 2023. For example, Growth Partners have launched a flexible CMO service, as the team behind the business recognise a gap in the market for matching expert marketers with smaller businesses, through a more flexible hiring arrangement that works for everyone.

Senior marketers (with top credentials) are choosing to build a portfolio of businesses they advise on a fractional or ‘on demand’ basis. They run businesses, they understand you and your market sector, giving you the best advice, sharing best practices and equipping you with the right strategy and steps to take you to scale and beyond. They work alongside you, as part of your team, say for a number of days per week or month (to suit), for as long as you need them.

Five Ways to Unlock Growth

To give you a flavour of how this model works, here are a few examples of how fractional CMOs can unlock your growth potential straightway. Allowing you to leave the marketing tightrope walking to someone who does it with years of experience and results behind them:

1. Happy customers and new ones - give you a structured, systematic way to go to market that drives happy customers and wins new ones faster than before

2. Build the skills and knowledge within - mentor and develop your team and bring in best practice approaches to market the business and maximise your impact

3. Marketing strategy that drives growth - give you a strategy and a plan which is easy to implement, which grows with you

4. New ways to connect and engage - deliver innovation and automation, using latest digital marketing techniques to reach customers and prospects in relevant, engaging ways

5. A brand you can be proud of - build you a brand position which attracts customers and enables you to outperform the competition

To discuss your needs and find out how a fractional CMO can help you reach your goals sooner, contact Terri for a free one-hour marketing consultation.


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